How-to-Use Instant Hair


You want Instant Hair fibers to make contact and connect with your existing hair – so it’s always best to start with dry hair. Working with dry hair will help the product distribute more evenly and you never want to use a hairdryer or other styling tools after you’ve applied Instant Hair Thickening Fibers.

We also recommend that if you are going to use other styling products such as gels, clays, or oils – that you apply those products first. Keep in mind – this product works best when it can attach to your existing hair. If you have a lot of products in your hair – this may result in uneven distribution and even possibly, clumps. To avoid this undesirable result – the best advice is to use other products as sparingly as possible in the areas where you plan to use Instant Hair.


Instant Hair Thickening Fibers DO NOT generate hair growth but rather give hair the appearance of being thicker and fuller. So for best results, you need to work with areas of your head where you have some hair. Thin hair is all that’s needed to be present to provide the product with hair to adhere or bond to. With our new and improved formula, the fibres are slimmer and longer, better mimicking natural hair for an undetectable, natural look.

Instant Hair Thickening Fibers will not work in areas where you are experiencing complete baldness.


In order to achieve the look of fullness and thicker hair, it’s important to make as close a match to your hair’s colour as possible. Darker is better if you think your colour is somewhere between two choices. Too light – and the effect may look powdery instead of blending in.

It’s not uncommon to be somewhere in between two-colour choices. We recommend selecting both colours and with a little testing – using a little of both to create a natural look that blends in well. (Start with the lighter colour and blend in the darker one!) With our new and improved colour preservation, with no colour fading or leeching with rain or sweat you can be confident that your colour will not fade or change after application.


The best way to apply Instant Hair to the hairline and temples is to make use of the hair optimizer and aerosol pump. The optimizer will help keep the product off of your forehead/skin and will help create a natural-looking hairline (vs a straight line). The benefit of the aerosol pump is that you can more easily see where the nozzle is aiming.

Can you use Instant Hair if you don’t have one or both of those tools? Definitely. You’ll use the ‘old school’ shake method. With improved electrostatic properties, the fibres cling to hairs, not each other, resulting in a less dust-like appearance and better density which will make it easier to find the look you are going for.

We recommend you start adding Instant Hair just behind the hairline (remember you always need to work with existing hair) and then blend the product in using small pumps or shakes. It’s best to try to stick closely to the hairline around the temples – it’s probably going to take a little trial and error to get the balance right. If you aren’t using the hairline optimizer tool, we recommend using a tissue or facecloth to protect your forehead and face so that you don’t end up with Instant Hair where you don’t need or want it!

Don’t worry – a little practice is all it takes to figure out what you’re doing! Our formula is designed to be easy to evenly apply – it comes out of the bottle more easily than other brands on the market.

For the crown area towards the back of your head – we suggest you start from the middle and work outwards. This one definitely is made WAY easier if you have a hand mirror or double mirror so you can see what you’re doing! Start from the inside and work outwards blending in all directions. A little goes a long way – for a natural look. Try using a small comb or even just your fingers to gently fan the fibers outward.

For a wide part that tends to be something ladies often experience (think tight ponytails or styling your hair one way for ages), starting toward the front (closer to the face) and moving out towards the back of your head tends to help distribute the product more evenly. Remember – a light dusting – with gentle combing or pats will help the product settle and give you a chance to assess how much more is needed. We recommend you keep your chin up as you apply – allowing the product to fall and settle onto your hair naturally.


Once you’ve applied Instant Hair Thickening Fibers – you can go ahead and gently comb or brush (or use your fingers) to coax your hair into the style and shape that you want. This step can also help distribute any excess fibers and even out the application.

Use a quality hair spray or setting spray for an added extra boost of longevity for your Instant Hair fibers.