Instant Hair Thickening Fiber

Instant Hair - thicker and fuller hair today.

Dr Jones' Keratin Hair fibers are made from ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, developed by Dr Jones to the highest standards, the best Keratin Hair Fibers in the world.

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Instant Hair Explanation by Dr Jones

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Instant Hair Thickening Fiber
Dr. Jones has a new cosmetic hair thickening product called Instant Hair. It is easily applied by shaking the container of colour-matched hair fibers over your thinning area. The product is made from keratin protein fibers that are charged with static electricity to stay in place even in strong winds and hard rain.

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Improved Formula
Dr. Jones has been working on the ideal formula for Instant Hair and has made another step forward in July 2008. The new formula applies more evenly because it comes out of the bottle more easily. This improvement provides a more natural effect.

Instant Hair is great for both men and women to mask the appearance of thinning hair. The transformation looks so real that the product fibers are virtually undetectable to the human eye. The transformation will have you feeling younger, revitalized and more self-confident.

Instant Hair is completely safe to use and works well with other hair growth aids such as Minoxidil, Rogaine, or Propecia. The application usually takes less than a minute and is easily removed with a simple hair washing.

Those who have had hair transplants can also enjoy the benefits of this product to camouflage any visible signs while the scalp is still healing from surgery.

See the photos on the right that Dr. Jones took using this product on his own crown. See our Instant Hair photo album.

Available Colour Options

See Instant Hair Photo album

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Instant Hair will soon be available in salons across North America.
If you are a salon owner interested in distributing Instant Hair, please contact Dr. Jones for information. Click here to see a list of salons currently carrying Instant Hair.

Prince William is using a product identical to Instant Hair: cosmetic hair thickener.
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Thickening Fibers
I can't believe how this product works. Literally, in 15 seconds, I can completely thicken my hair. It has done amazing things for my confidence,
thank-you Dr. Jones

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